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Sales Methodology

A sales methodology should accomplish three things:

Make it Simple for the Buyer to Say Yes You’ve already covered the features and benefits of what your product can do for the customer. The customer however, is looking for additional value that has not yet been discussed. Things like an increase in brand awareness, an up-tick in the stock price, future share earnings, or the positive impact this decision will have on the employees. These benefits make it simple for the customer to say yes.
Remove the Risk Your sales methodology should fully train sellers how to remove risks. Buyers know there’s no guarantee in life but if they perceive big risk, it becomes a barrier to purchasing. Removing risks paves the way for sales success. Sales reps should be trained to know how to eliminate obstacles that are barriers to purchasing.
Show the Value Proposition People are looking for the ROI on a decision to partner with you or your company. Your sales methodology should be able to walk a customer through the steps of why it’s in their best interest to buy from you. People are looking for transformation, that is, how is this decision going to make their lives better.
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