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When individuals are motivated by the right leader, they drive themselves to achieve greater results. Across all industries, workers have too many assigned tasks and too many competing priorities on a daily-bases.

They can’t identify key goals and therefore, can’t deliver excellent results. Individuals, even entire departments, lack strong open communication channels. Changing ineffective behaviors to effective ones, benefits everyone in the organization.

National surveys* of thousands of employees disclosed that while many people work hard, they are worried about their lack of effectiveness.

Survey results indicate:

1 Less than 50% of your team’s time is spent on the company’s most important objectives
2 Only 14% of employees feel they are contributing to company success
3 Less than half of your team know the company’s goals *Results of xQ Surveys conducted by Harris Interactive

In our leadership development programs, we turn weak managers into good leaders and good leaders into strong executives who more consistently excel in their roles. We know managers learn, retain, and use a skill set that drives performance on the job while conveying an appreciation for achievement and enjoyment in their own and their employees’ personal lives. Productivity plummets when employees are not happy with their boss.

1 #1 Reason people quit – Their boss
2 50% of employees would fire their boss today
3 Poorly lead divisions are: 50% less productive & 44% less profitable

Source: Gallup Study

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