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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is different than intelligence quotient (IQ) in that, instead of measuring your general intelligence, EQ measures your emotional intelligence. EQ is the ability to understand, sense, and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate a high level of collaboration which increases productivity.

Our program is customized to fit your specific needs and designed to make you highly effective in the workplace. If you are in sales, knowing how to interact with your customers from an emotional intelligence standpoint, is crucial. Your sales success increases if you know:

Your strength and weaknesses as a sales person
How to adapt in a selling situation
Your customer’s behavioral style
How to naturally sell
Why you do… what you do… and how you can improve… what you do

Take the DISC assessment to learn your unique behavioral style and attributes, as well as your motivational factors. Knowing which ones effect your behavior is the first step in improving your emotional intelligence score. Your success in life is measured by your ability to understand the emotional makeup of others and your ability to interact with them. This is never more true than it is in sales.

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