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Achieve your goals

We help companies achieve their goals through a variety of fully customized learning solutions.

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Missed your sales goal?

We can help you hit a home run!

Online Training

For virtual and e-learning workshops, check out our online academy.

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Leadership Training

Once you’ve been entrusted with the responsibility of helping to shape the direction of your company, the real work begins.

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Soft Skills Training

Everyone has their own style of communicating. We do what’s comfortable, what feels right at the moment.

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Sales Coaching

Coaching is a critical part of success. Companies that provide regular coaching realize an increase in annual revenue growth.

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Selling Methodology

Sales transformation is enhanced through practice. We take it to the next level by using video tapping as a way to strengthen performance.

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Emotional Intelligence

For many years it was thought, if you just hire the smartest people, your company would be successful.

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Worried about a presentation? You shouldn't!

Learn how to overcome the anxiety!

Shape the direction of your company

Once you've been entrusted with the responsibility of helping to shape the direction of your company, the real work begins.

Make sure you are professionally trained on the proper stages of how to:

Effectively implement strategy
Deliver honest feedback when needed
Empower people
Address unmet expectations
Connect with people
Delineate between when coaching is needed versus managing

Successful leaders are often high in emotional intelligence and develop a "teamwork" approach to achieving goals.

Since there is no "I" in teamwork, leadership is a "we" mentality.

There is a difference between just missing the mark and not even coming close!

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Eduardo is simply perfect. He helped me build a perfect working team, with a great team collaboration. Thanks, will do business again!

Ariana TailorBusiness Owner
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The B4U Speak app is a tool you can use right before you speak to one person or to a group of people with real-time answers and pearls of wisdom all of which will make your time in front of your audience, memorable.

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The Leadership Team

Eduardo Bryant

Chief Strategist, Sales Enablement

Eduardo Bryant brings over 20 years of corporate work experience in the area of sales leadership including sales training. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Redlands, and a Bachelors Degree of Science in Business Administration from The Ohio State University. As a master facilitator, Eduardo has an innate ability to help leaders and learners connect the dots between concepts and effective application.

Ed Ross

Solutions Architect & Strategist

For more than two decades, Ed Ross has partnered with organizations to improve profitability, efficiency, and productivity; using proven strategies to quickly enhance performance and transform success. He works closely alongside his clients to facilitate large-scale change and leadership development initiatives; helping organizations design, develop, and implement powerful sales enablement & coaching strategies.

Daniel Grissom

Strategist, Sales Effectiveness

Daniel Grissom has over a decade of dedicated service to B2B Selling organizations and has a proven track record of igniting sales growth. He is a world-class communicator, able to connect and collaborate with a variety of roles – from sellers to leaders, from sales to operations across many continents. He has successfully helped many of the world’s top companies improve their sales effectiveness.

Andora Gandy

Architect, Leadership Development

With 20 years of experience in sales, sales management, training, and leadership development, Andora Gandy’s primary focus areas are sales and leadership development. Her extensive knowledge of game-changing strategies and proven techniques for their implementation combine in a one-of-a-kind approach that has informed and transformed the lives and careers of sales professionals and leaders all over the world.

Natalee Kessler

Strategist, Leadership Development

Natalee Kessler has an extensive background in Sales and Sales Management. Her background includes experience in roles such as Regional VP of North America Sales, Managed Markets, National Accounts Director, Health Systems Director, Channel Marketing, and several other key customer-facing roles. During her career, she has won numerous awards for sales achievement; The President’s Award, The Outstanding Service Award, and Immunology Distinguished Service Award.

Roderick Jefferson

Architect, Enablement & Effectiveness

Roderick Jefferson is an acknowledged thought leader in the sales enablement space. With 20+ years of leadership experience, he has built enablement organizations covering the Enterprise and SMB space. He has extensive experience in creating sales enablement organizations and has been responsible for the successful delivery of a series of integrated cross-sell/upsells methodologies and sales execution programs that drove significant incremental revenue.


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Some of our sales and leadership demo videos

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The Art of Presenting By Eduardo Bryant

Short Presentation by Eduardo

It's okay to be good, our goal is to be excellent

Presentation Skills Workshop

Sales Process

Leading Without Authority

Emotional Intelligence


Closing Techniques

Questioning Skills

Sales Coaching

Creating Clarity

Lead, Motivate, and Inspire

Driving Engagement

Setting others up for success

Change Matters

Interviewing Techniques

Performance Management

Facilitation Skills

Communication Skills